About Us

Summer or Winter, a new genre-busting, eclectic wardrobe comes to life, featuring everything from boho style to festival outfit, workwear-inspired overalls and formal menswear-indebted jackets, as well as parkas or exotic accessories.


Holy Mary Jane has been creating clothes that bear its soul, while highlighting the millennia-rich expertise of the artisans we partner with through travels.


Promote environmental and social sustainability in fashion in respect of ethnicises and culture - Bring hemp theme clothing back to mainstream use.


Playing a significant role in campaigning for legalization - driving public awareness and ending the stigma surrounding stoners and cannabis connoisseur.

Our Story

The journey began in 2008 with the first states legalizing Weed, that's when we decided to shift our brand into a more environmental practices.We began wholesaling, designing, importing, manufacturing and retailing clothing made from hemp, bamboo, soy, organic cotton and rayon. Recently there has been a significant increase in the appreciation of hemp and other environmentally friendly clothing.

Public awareness of hemp and its qualities has grown dramatically due to the worldwide marketing effort that has taken place in recent times and we’re proud to be a part of this movement. We are determined to continue marketing hemp clothing as a superior fashion alternative focusing on environmental advantages, quality and comfort as the core benefits of the range.

Holy Mary Jane

Our creative team