How to make oil from Hemp plant​

Making cannabis oil may be a really walk in the park , we only need the raw ingredients (marijuana buds, pruned trichomes, manicure remains) and a few “extra” ingredients for correct preparation.

By Mary Jane

Over the months we have been seeing in this blog different tips and recommandations, all of them examined to reach the end of our target: to find the active ingredients of cannabis safely to process by other means (ingested, inhaled or smoked ) without the necessity to also include all the material that mostly contains harmful substances.

Marijuana Oil are often vegetable oil where we previously dipped marijuana buds or traces of cannabis with trichomes and heated it gently so THC, CBD, CBN et al. Cannabinoids and remains adhere to the oil itself.

But beyond the literal meaning of the term “marijuana oil” , we usually call marijuana oil to get the active ingredient,leaving plant debris behind. We will refresh your memory and review them now.

Quick Wash Iso (QWISO) is one among the only and commonest ways to produce oil from marijuana. We just need some isopropyl alcohol and some coffee filters to remove impurities, obtaining that desirable results.

420 BHO – Making Of :

You will find a useful step by step guide that explains the way to work it out here: the way to produce QWISO

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is comparable to the previous one but alcohol is replaced by Hummingbird gas to melt and take away the contents of trichomes – where cannabinoids are. it’s a way to get marijuana oil somewhat risky, since the gas is very flammable and can be used tons during the removal. Although the results are well well worth the effort.

“Marijuana oil extracted by alcohol (QWISO) or gas (BHO) is especially used for inhaling through evaporation with the help of a titanium screw bubbler or a special smoking pipe. They’re very clean and quite concentrated organic Hemp Oil.”

Eating BHO comes under some conditions:

But if what we want is to eat this oil, – either alone or with some food- forget about these techniques we have mentioned  because today we will focus on this great recipe: Marijuana Butter. So you are able to eat delicious candies , biscuits, cakes, etc.

The healthiest way to process weed:

The advantages of consuming (either ingested either inhaled) marijuana oil are endless. First, if ingested we are not only avoiding damage to our respiratory system but we need much less quantity for assessing the effects, since the ingested marijuana has a more powerful effect than smoked. Besides, the looks of it!

For regular 420 smokers:

On the opposite hand, if we are regular smokers, inhaling oil with the assistance of a bong, bubbler or special pipe for this purpose, not only we avoid smoking paper with which and glue, but we also eliminate completely all traces of material , avoiding many unnecessary tars.

But this is often not only benefits. to get (by QWISO or BHO) 20 grams of oil, we’ll need 100 grams of marijuana buds. That is, we’ll get around 20% of total oil raw ingredients is employed up. The advantage is that the share of THC oil is extremely high and only a touch will notice its effects.


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