What the hell is 420 ?

The number 420 more than likely you're familiar with. That number yes it's the number that comes right after 419 and before 421 but it has a whole different meaning that is a bit sticky-icky and pretty insightful under the right circumstances. It's a date, it's a time of the day, it's slang and in today's internet world it has also become associated with memes so let me explain to you its origins and history and just exactly why your older brother smells a little funky every day around that time.


History Of Marijuana in 420 sec

The first mentions of weed in the ancient history were the personal scripts of the Chinese Emperor Shenong 5000 years ago, who also used the plant for its medical values which varies from gout to malaria passing by rheumatism.It can sound very ironic but it helped also cure absent mindedness which was and still a great issue.And we cannot talk about the effect of marijuana in Asia without bringing the Indian Civilization ( Hindus ), whom used it not only for recreation purposes but also to pray God, as a sacred plant.

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