My 420 Brexit Story

Today, we are in Sweet England, in some of the rarest circumstances such as Brexit. And we are here to talk about something more interesting for us : 420 in the UK and the state of weed in the british nation. Despite the best efforts of Howard Marx, Professor David Nutt and Zane from One Direction. The sweet hemp leaf remains banned throughout much of the western world. Let's break it down a little bit so all the readers can understand the context of the Mary Jane Complex. This piece is dissecting a fun journey and being surrounded by a police force.


My Dabbing Story and BHO rise

After our first article "History of Mary Jane in 420s" , we decided to talk about staffers weed journey, from their first puff until now with the rise of BHO and with all the sophisticated ways to consume weed. MJ is our first volunteer in this 420 series , we all thank her for her courage and for this amazing story.When we started the 420 movement last decade, we had no idea that weed was about to be legalized in ten states. All kinds of subcultures came to light, but the most fascinating one was also the fastest growing: Butane hash oil, an extract that’s pure THC, called also BHO.

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