Seen as More Harmful Than Marijuana, But we Give it to Our Kids Everyday

The results of a recent 420 poll suggests that the majority Americans now view marijuana as less harmful than other common substances that are currently legal. The poll, conducted under the sponsorship of NBC News/The Wall Street Journal and Holy Mary Jane, suggests a serious shift has occurred from the way Americans have traditionally checked out the risks related to cannabis use.

By Mary Jane

In fact, the poll suggests that the perception of marijuana as a dangerous drug, which was once commonplace, has dropped dramatically in recent years, and is now, sugar is seen as being more harmful than marijuana.

420 Poll Results :

In the Holy Mary Jane poll, the participants were asked how they rated cannabis, sugar, alcohol and tobacco in terms of how dangerous they considered each substance to be.

Tobacco was overwhelmingly considered the foremost dangerous, with nearly half all participants, 49 percent, responding that they considered tobacco to be the foremost dangerous of the four substances listed. Alcohol was rated most dangerous by 24 percent, with sugar following with a 15% rating. but one in ten Americans, or 8 percent, considered marijuana to be the foremost dangerous substance. Sugar is seen as more harmful than marijuana, yet, we give sugar to our youngsters everyday.

There is no known documented case of a person proven to have died from a marijuana overdose.”

Wrong 420 Classification?

The poll results are an ironic counterpoint to the attitude reflected within the way cannabis is treated legally by the federal , which classifies marijuana as a Schedule One drug that’s an equivalent dangerousness classification during which LSD and heroin also can be found.

Yet, this latest poll suggests that the American people now consider marijuana use to be less dangerous than eating a sugary snack. Most Americans also consider cannabis to be less harmful than tobacco and alcohol, both of which are legal for adults.

Risks of Legal Drugs:

The belief of the many Americans that the utilization of tobacco, alcohol and sugar are often dangerous is backed by scientific studies showing that diabetes, obesity, heart condition , cancer and premature death are all linked to the regular use of all three substances.

Although few people consider marijuana completely harmless, the sentiment appears overwhelming that the majority Americans don’t consider the utilization of cannabis to be major health threat. there’s no known documented case of an individual proven to possess died from a marijuana overdose. within the meantime, many of us are suffering and dying form the consequences of sugar.

Marijuana as Medicine:

Perhaps even more ironically, studies indicate that marijuana has properties that are helpful to the treatment of variety of medical conditions like cancer and AIDS. Cannabis has also been linked to improved psychological health, with suicide rates among young men actually lower among cannabis users.

So while cannabis is legally classified by the govt as among the foremost dangerous of medicine , the facts suggest that marijuana can actually be beneficial to the physical and psychological state of these who use it.

Time for Change?

The poll results reveal how the perception of most Americans has shifted in recent years towards a less critical viewpoint of the risks related to marijuana use. The results suggest that Americans now consider cannabis to be less harmful than drugs that are currently legal, maybe even less risky than eating a sugary diet. this alteration publicly attitude supports the contention that any problems related to marijuana should be considered primarily a public health issue instead of a matter for enforcement .

Yet, current federal law continues to reflect policies supported a fear of marijuana that’s not justified by either the facts nor the opinions of the American people. Therefore, this poll might be a sign that it’d be time for a serious reappraisal of marijuana policies within the us .

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