The Story Behind Holy Mary Jane : 420 Apparel

We talk a lot about sustainable alternatives to fast fashion, but we never dived into practical ways to do so.


So in this post, we will dive into it deeply, to raise awareness about how can we change deeply our ways of production to affect positively not only the environmentally but also socially.

420 Supplies By Holy Mary Jane :

So let’s begin with the simple supplies that we use in Holy Mary Jane to produce 420 Apparel and help the 420 Movement. Cotton needs ten to fifteen thousand litres water to grow on land. Hemp, on the otherside only needs around one hundred litres. Cotton needs a large amount of insecticides and pesticides. Hemp is a weed, it can grow anywhere, and it does not need insecticides or pesticides. That makes it far more sustainable. Thereby, the amount of fibres that can be grown per hectare of hemp, is approximately double the amount of cotton, thus a lot of land can be saved by doing so. And when we talk land , lets not forget about an essential nutrient Water. Thus it is a big economy of water, getting rid of chemicals and optimizing the land.

“Hemp is more sustainable in terms of footprint, because it is produced closer by. But hemp is also extremely easy to cultivate biologically Because it grows fast and supresses other weeds.”

There is almost no need for pesticides It can be processed fairly easy. That is why it is more environmental friendly, thereby it is also eco-efficient. Hemp can grow everywhere. Naturally, we let it grow in the outdoors.

Organic Weed Clothing : Our Choice

But what we use to make 420 Apparel is special kind of hemp, It is industrial hemp, not the kind with THC. It makes therefore totally no sense to cut the tops off. In the past, due to the marihuana-like sphere around hemp, Hemp disappeared, but I think it will come back.

In the past, it was actually a standard use for jeans from America. It was mostly used for clothing. It was really strong, and  it was used mostly for work clothing and jeans. It did not really develop much further than that. Whilst now, that is also because the organic polyester is involved, who use steam explosion machines. Which makes the fiber much more soft. So the adaptations of the rough fabric which made it really strong, can now be made much more refined. It makes a finer fiber that also feels softer, whereby it can also be used for much more other kinds of clothing.

Organic Polyester : A key helper for more soft Hemp

Organic Polyester is purely focused on hemp. To make the hemp fibre as soft as possible. So that it can be produced as good as possible in order to make clothing. That is what Organic Polyester does. Moreover it is biodegradable, I find that also really important. That it can be disposed to where it came from, therefore there is no waste within a measurable time, because eventually everything is biodegradable, natural fabrics only take a couple of years, thus also that is why.

The choice is made for these garments and it took a long time and energy to make them, Therefore, they stay as such in the collection. Customers have to know that it is a sustainable piece, that it should not be bought in an impulse. It is also something for the long term. That is how I want to handle collections, not a large amount of collections per year. Consumers have to realise that clothing, that you have to be aware how you handle it. That users still have the feeling that they are a part of the chain, that they have a say, that they show they are involved, Yes, with the whole product, The origin of the materials, how it is made, How it is created, just everything actually, Whereby a bond with the garment is originated, Whereby it is cherished longer. And thats what we call closing the loop. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, stay tuned for the 420 Series.