What would happen if 420 fashion companies refused to protect earth?

What would happen if, you could buy clothes from a company that spends its research dollars on coming up with solutions to the world’s problems, instead of ways to make more profit for their shareholders?

What would happen if we no longer required pesticides or herbicides to grow our food and clothing?

By Mary Jane

Perhaps more importantly; what will happen if we don’t act?

What will happen if we continue to settle for what we’ve got instead of proactively inciting change?

What will happen if we continue to allow millions of people around the world to starve?

What will happen if we continue to allow corporations to control the destiny of the rest of us?

What will happen if we continue to pollute our atmosphere and ground water with chemicals that aren’t really needed?

What will happen if we continue making clothing out of oil and chemical reactions?

The truth is; we don’t know what will happen. And we really can’t know; but if we do nothing, we will find out. We can decide to settle for the status-quo or stand up and make our voices be heard. It’s 2016 and we deserve better.

It’s time for a change:

At hemp. we believe that if a company can have a positive impact on the world, then it is their responsibility to act.

We believe that all people, regardless of the circumstances or location of their birth, should have the right to speak up and make a tangible difference in the world.

We believe that, if operated with good intentions, any company can set the course of the future in a positive direction.

We believe that you deserve the best.

At hemp. it is our intention to change the world. We believe that if we harness the full power of the incredible hemp plant, then many of our worlds problems will start to diminish.

All journeys begin with a step in the right direction. At hemp. we believe that the best place to start on our quest for change is in hemp clothing.

We believe that clothes that are made out of 100% hemp are fashionable, durable, and eco-friendly.

“We believe that if more people choose hemp apparel, the cascade effect that will have on the world would be far to great to ignore.”

Above all, we believe that with your support, we can help our world grow stronger, richer, and become more sustainable; all in less time than most dare to imagine. 

So, what do you think? Do you look around and see the world we live in and think “we deserve better”? Can you imagine a world with less hunger, pollution, and greed? Do you want to support a company that’s more concerned about the world’s future than their wallets? Yes? Then it’s time.


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